Multi-Dose Medication Packaging For Retirement Homes, Senior Living, Nursing Homes & Caregivers

Allowing Medical Care Providers & Patients to Administer & Take Prescription Medication

Masters Specialty Pharmacy in Frederick MD is now offering the latest in medication management, now being used to serve our clients – the SynMed ® Adherence Packaging Solution, a state-of-the-art automated device that distributes prescription medication in blister packs and clearly labels each and every dose.

This service is catered for retirement homes, senior living, nursing homes, caregivers providing an automated system for preparing and dispensing solid oral medications in blister cards. Dispensing medications in blister cards will provide patients with a safe, personalized way of taking their medications.


  • Convenient packaging: Your residents’ prescription drugs are grouped together by day and time in a handy blister pack so you can find their medication easily.

  • Increased safety: The color-coded blister card includes resident photo, pharmaceutical profile, and even pictures of the medication, reducing errors.

  • Easy to handle: The perforated card lets you detach the blisters needed at each administration time. Plus, blister packs weigh less than bottles or pill boxes.

  • Even better service: Since the SynMed® system facilitates prescription preparation, our pharmacy personnel will have even more time to devote tomeeting your residents’ needs.

With Master's Specialty Pharmacy, You Will

  • Reduce medication errors

  • Increase patient safety

  • Seamlessly integrate with your eMAR

  • Decrease the med pass time requirement, thereby freeing valuable nursing time for other essential care services

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