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Masters Specialty Pharmacy in Frederick MD proudly sells and can special order McKesson canes for you or your loved one. McKesson canes provide a convenient, affordable and lightweight mobility solution for those who experience pain, weakness or mild balance issues that make walking difficult. McKesson offers a selection of canes in a variety of colors, heights, materials, handle types and base types. Quad canes are ideal for users who require more stability and support. Unlike most walkers, standard-style canes and small-base quad canes generally fit on an average depth stair. McKesson also offers convenient folding canes for ease of portability and storage. McKesson canes deliver ease of use, convenient height adjustability and reliable performance. If you or a loved one needs a cane in Frederick MD, stop by our pharmacy so we can help you choose the best cane for your lifestyle.


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If you are need of quality push button adjustable crutches in Frederick MD, stop by Master Specialty Pharmacy. McKesson's push-button crutches feature durable construction; comfortable, adjustable padded hand grips; and contoured underarm pads. The convenient and intuitive push-button design allows you to quickly adjust the height in one-inch increments. Non-skid tips provide excellent traction and stable performance. McKesson crutches are available in child, youth, adult and tall sizes.


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Master Specialty Pharmacy in Frederick MD is a supplier for McKesson rollators. McKesson rollators are ideal when arm strength is limited. Rollators, unlike standard walkers, do not require users to lift the unit with each step and they also include brakes to maintain control. With convenient storage and seating, our rollators allow users to transport personal items without requiring the use of hands and provide the ability for users to sit or rest. Choose McKesson’s rollators as a mobility solution for the enhanced maneuverability across various terrains that will keep users moving smoothly and safely.


Walkers-Frederick MD
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If you or your loved one is in need of a walker in Frederick MD, Masters Specialty Pharmacy can help. Decreased mobility doesn’t have to mean the loss of independence. McKesson walkers are a convenient and affordable mobility solution for users who have difficulty with balance or standing, suffer arthritic pain, or experience fatigue or shortness of breath from walking. Walkers are commonly preferred for stability and balance. McKesson walkers feature lightweight construction and a push-button release mechanism for easy folding and storage. Choose McKesson walkers for durability, convenience and comfort.


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Need a wheelchair in Frederick MD? Masters Specialty Pharmacy in Frederick MD can help you choose the best wheelchair for you. We are a proud dealer for McKesson wheelchairs in Frederick MD. McKesson wheelchairs are ideal for patients who have difficulty walking due to illness, injury or disability. McKesson offers a comprehensive selection of wheelchairs that promote patient independence, improve mobility and enhance quality of life. With durable construction, easy-to-adjust footrests, and lightweight, easy-to-clean upholstery, McKesson wheelchairs provide long-lasting performance and comfort. Dual axle options provide easy transitions to hemi-level seat height to allow users to propel the wheelchair with their feet. Choose a McKesson wheelchair based on arm style, footrest preferences, reclining options, size, and weight capacity.
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