Multi-Dose Medication Packaging For Retirement Homes, Senior Living, Nursing Homes & Caregivers

Allowing Medical Care Providers & Patients to Administer & Take Prescription Medication

Masters Specialty Pharmacy in Frederick MD offers medication preparation and organization plans to help retirement homes, senior living, nursing homes, caregivers with an automated system for preparing and dispensing solid oral medications in blister cards. Dispensing medications in blister cards will provide patients with a safe, personalized way of taking their medications.

Improve Medications Adherence

Perfect for retirement homes, senior living, nursing homes, caregivers and patients with multi-dose medication requirements.

Less Risk For Prescription Errors

Helps medical professionals and patients give and take the right medication/dose at the right time reducing the possibility of medication taking errors.

Easily Assist & Monitor Doses

Having your patients medications list in one place will help you plan and discuss your patients' care.

Portable & Easy To Travel With

No more pill boxes or multiple prescription containers for traveling. Easy to take with you.
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